Shakun Polymers Private Limited

Shakun Polymers Private Limited is a part of Alphagary, an Orbia company that manufactures specialty compounds that find different applications across a wide spectrum of the wire and cable industry such as power cables, building wires, telecommunication & fibre optic cables, instrumentation cables, and photovoltaic cables.

Our Mission – To increase social media reach and promote brand awareness.

Our Solution – Increasing the digital reach of a company is crucial in creating a good brand reputation. It is often difficult for a Company to manage brand building by itself when so many other things are also to be prioritised. Here is where we as a branding and advertising Company help with digital Marketing for MSME. With a proper content strategy and LinkedIn Marketing strategy, we helped Shakun Polymers in increasing digital reach and create product awareness.

Our Strategy – How to increase followers on LinkedIn through effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy, Public relations, retargeting, link building, content marketing, and graphic design creation through market research.

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